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For many, discovering the true meaning of life is a deeply cherished dream that occasionally passes through the minds of many. For us too.

We have decided to turn our dream into our reality. To change our lives and adapt them to a life in which we can work and live location-independently. Where we can enjoy nature and start a journey of self-exploration. Following your heart often seems like a tricky choice. There are hundreds of reasons for not doing something. To leave everything as it is. It also feels much safer not to jump into the deep end.

“But if you do what you always did, you get what you always got.”

Especially when something seems very complex, the answer is actually very simple. Do you want to live remotely, but don’t have a place to do that? Then buy a camper or a van. Do you want to be able to work remotely? Then quit your current job and start doing something that you can do digitally and remotely. Do you want more control over your own life and your happiness? Then choose yourself and go for experiences instead of possessions. The road to it was (and is) not always easy, but it gives so much satisfaction.

We invite you to join our journey and to come on board with us. Travel around the world with us two, our dog Toffee and our camper Wickie. Learn more about us and our dreams and empathize with us during our highs and lows. And do you have questions or wild plans yourself? Let us hear from you! We always like to think along with you or answer questions, so please contact us.

And if you want to work with us or support us on our life journey, then we also would love to hear from you!

Bon voyage!


Jurgen & Mariska


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