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Our Camper & Gear

Our camper & gear! Alright, you cought us red handed. We like gadgets. A lot. In this section you may read all about our camper Wickie, our search for him, the modifications and pretty much everything that we do to improve or change him. Also we like to take you along on our lifelong lasting urge to get more useful gadgets, varying from a drone, an action cam, wifi tools, high-end camera equipment and everything that makes us drool.

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Buying a camper: Our worst nightmare

When you want to travel with a camper, one thing is extremely important. Exactly, having a camper. Since we did not have a camper yet, but had the dream to conquer Europe with our camper at some point, we were left with a difference between reality and what we wanted to do in the future. Things to do? Right: Buying a camper. Buying a camper For someone with choice...