Living in our camper

Living in our camper will bring us so much joy and laughter and so much frustration and tears. You gotta love it, at least we do. In this section we share all our highlights and lowlights on this adventurous topic. Come live with us in our camper, from your own living room or mobile phones. Step into our world, but please take off your shoes. Grazie! ;)

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Living in a camper

Living in a camper: Everything you need!

We think living in a camper is fantastic, obviously. From the moment our dream was born, Mariska has started making lists. If this is the first blog you read: Mariska loves lists. Lists for buying a camper, lists for groceries, lists for things for the dog. As soon as a list can be made for something, Mariska enthusiastically makes a list for it. It is no coincidence...