Our top destinations. Every country in the world has something spectacular. Some of them actually have many things that are spectacular. From the moment that we’ve ventured on the road during one of many roadtrips (by car) through Europe, we have seen gorgeous landscapes, impressive mountains, blue river creeks and enchanting forests. In this section we’d like to take you with us on our trips and hope you can experience and love nature as much as we do.

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Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park: the most beautiful region of Slovenia

Ever heard of Triglav National Park? Neither did we. The best thing about Slovenia is that it completely overtook us. It was August in 2018 and we were on our way back from our summer holiday in Croatia with our little blue Volkswagen Polo. After we had a wonderful time on Croatia’s pebble beaches, it was time for a little more action. We decided to finish the...

Destinations are under construction!

Destinations are under construction! Earlier this year we went on yet another of our roadtrips! Soon parts of this trip will be displayed as content on our new website! Stay tuned! Feel free to read up on our other stories instead! During these roadtrips we have had the pleasure of driving through and experiencing over 15 of Europes finest countries and all of...